Rob and Julie’s Wedding – September 18, 2013

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Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Julie Reilly

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On September 18, 2013, Rob and Julie ended their 6 year engagement and were married in an almost private ceremony at Niagara Falls, NY.

We are grateful to God for the gift of abundant love that has been given to us, and for allowing all the plans for our elopement and wedding to be fulfilled beyond our expectations.

We were blessed with perfect weather for our wedding at 4 P.M. on a beautiful, grassy clearing, just off the path to the Horseshoe Falls overlook: sunny and 73 degrees.

The ceremony was performed by Candice Begley, who provided us with lots of valuable advance information for planning our wedding at Niagara Falls State Park. Having worked in the church for many years and participated in lots of weddings, Rob was curious about what kind of wedding ceremony she might recommend, but it turned out to be perfect for us. She also recommended photographer Harvey Huff, who rode in on a Harley, had a wonderful sense of humor, and managed to shoot lots of great photos without intruding on the ceremony. Afterwards, he took lots of additional shots by the falls. Rob’s face was sunburn red from walking around the day before, but the bride was beautiful, and it was the happiest day we’ve had together. We hope to go back again for our fifth wedding anniversary!

After finishing with the photos and saying our goodbyes to Candice and Harvey, we walked back to the parking lot, where a tour bus had just parked. The folks getting off the bus asked if we just got married, and were all shouting their happy congratulations. It was very funny and very sweet.

We took some time to relax back at the hotel before heading off for our Wedding Dinner at Savor, a restaurant at the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute, where meals are prepared by students under the training of Master Chefs. It was delicious! We were seated next to a table of five crusty old New York couples who provided a glimpse into our future!

Our wedding day exceeded all our hopes and expectations, and was by far the best Rob & Julie adventure to date!

Below are some photos from our wedding day. Below the thumbnails you’re welcome to leave a comment- we’d love to hear from you!

Click here to see photos and details of our Elopement.

Click here to see photos and details of our Honeymoon.

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  1. Stephen Perdue

    Congratulations Rob and Julie!!! Ya’ll give me hope and inspiration. The pictures are beutiful!

  2. Jane andrew

    congratulation to you both and best of
    everything, what lovely photos.

  3. Kathy Baker

    Rob and Julie ~ CONGRATULATIONS! You are a beautiful couple! Your pictures show a happy, happy couple! Terry and I wish you much happiness together!

  4. Linda Washburn

    This is such happy news!!! Love to you and may your marriage be blessed with many years of happiness. Congratulations…Linda

  5. Ann & Glenn Harris

    Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Rob Reilly ! Love the pictures! Ann and Glenn

  6. Rev Tom

    Well, well, well, you just had to slip away and then surprise. Congratulations and you know the church will want to celebrate this when you two return. So, just be prepared…

  7. melissa jemison

    Really happy for both of you. Eloping, just the two of you is the smartest way. Howard and I ran away to the Seychelles and none of our friends knew we were going. We did just what we wanted with no need to worry about others. From the pictures, looks like you two are enjoying your new life as a married couple. Congratuations.

  8. Becki Greenwood

    Well, aren’t you two sneaky! I’m so happy for you both. Love your wedding pictures, and what a great romantic idea! Best wishes and live you both

  9. Virginia Brandt

    Congratulations Julie & Rob. Wishing you many years of joy. Julie you look so beautiful & Rob you look so handsome.


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