Holy Family, Chapel Hill

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Robert Reilly at Church of the Holy Family, Chapel Hill

On September 23, September 30 and October 7 I served as Guest Organist at The Church of the Holy Family (Episcopal) in Chapel Hill, NC, while the church’s talented resident Organist, Celia Lata, was on a church trip to the Holy Land. I enjoyed participating in the church’s eclectic music liturgy, which included traditional hymns and chant as well as music from the African American tradition. The church’s Music Director, Boyd Gibson, is a prolific composer, and has contributed volumes of original music for the church’s choir and congregation, including several unique hymn collections and organ compositions. Boyd is also String Orchestra Director at the Durham School of the Arts.

The church’s pipe organ is a 9 rank Zimmer, which speaks with great presence directly into the Nave, but this instrument is extremely limited in its tonal scope, and hardly an appropriate match for the talented musicians and ambitious musical worship in this parish. While Celia and Boyd are all too aware of the severe limitations of this instrument, I strongly encourage the Rector and congregation to join with them in forging a plan to rebuild/expand or replace this organ with an instrument that will support the full spectrum of the Parish’s heartfelt and enthusiastic expressions of devotion, praise and thanksgiving.

It was a pleasure getting to know Celia, Boyd, and many of the talented choristers and parishioners at Holy Family. Thanks to all for extending such a warm welcome to me!

Here are some photos from September 30. Click on any thumbnail to view a full sized image:


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