Buddy, can you spare an organ?

by | Nov 15, 2011 | Organist | 1 comment

This request goes out to my Raleigh area organist friends and colleagues. Since I do not currently hold a church position, I’m looking for a nearby church that would allow me to use its organ for some practicing, when it’s convenient. I live in West Raleigh, near NCSU, so somewhere nearby would be great. It doesn’t need to be a monster like the Letourneau at Edenton Street UMC, although I’m grateful to Josh Dumbleton for allowing me to do some practicing there in the past. Two manuals and 32 pedals of any description will work fine and I will be so grateful for your generous hospitality!

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  1. Rob

    Special thanks to Carl Clark, Music Minister, and the congregation of Macedonia United Methodist Church in Cary, for allowing me to practice on their church organ in their beautiful new sanctuary. It has been a blessing.

    It would still be useful to have some time with a variety of instruments, so if you can spare some practice time on your church organ, please let me know!


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